Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Using this piece...

Well, I won't lie...I sorta hate blogging. I mean, maybe I like it but feel like I'm compromising my values a bit. Overall, I've tried to pull the plug from online "networking" sites like myspace and facebook. I've done this in favor of email, letters, phone calls, or best of all: face to face conversations. Perhaps more on that in my next post.

Anyway, I recently got this great new internship working with my buddy Carl Gladstone. I'll be doing some work around organizing our mini community of communities here in Detroit known as Detroit Villages. I'll also be doing some volunteer work here in the city. Part of my responsibility for this new position is to document and share my experience with others, and blogging seems to be the most practical way to do this.

A couple years ago when I was living in Camden, NJ, I made a curriculum for myself and created a homeschool type thing. While I wasn't always the best at staying disciplined, I read many books and learned a great deal. I skipped a formal education in favor of exeriential learning and reading books. I'm going to be doing a similar thing this fall, and I'm hoping to share things I' learning on here with others that may or may not be interested. We'll see. I desperatey need routine and discipline in my life, and I think writing on a regular basis will help out with that. Thanks for tuning in.