Thursday, October 8, 2009

Out of town visitors and upcoming events...

This past week we met some new friends. Nate from Atlanta and Dwight from just outside of Philly came to spend a few days with us exploring Detroit a bit. They came as a time to listen and see what is happening in Detroit. I found it fairly amazing how many people and connections that they made in the short time that they were here. We shared with them some of our feeble attempts of community and our vision of our place amongst what's happening here in Detroit. It was a great time and we enjoyed hosting them.

Next week we have some new friends from Chicago coming up to spend a couple days with us and to get a sense of what Detroit is like. I'm hoping we can get a little work in the garden done while they're here, as well. We're going to be leaving together from here to head out to the "Gathering around the un-hewn stone" out in Philly Oct 16-18th. I'll report more on that after the gathering. If the you're interested in the question of faith and [industrial] civilization, you are definitely going to want to check this gathering out.

This past weekend I made it out to D-Town Farm's 3rd annual Harvest Festival. What a great space they have over there! I was told that they have nearly 2 acres under cultivation and plan on expanding next season. They had an ocean of collards like I've never seen before. They are right in the middle of a long neglected tree nursery in River Rouge Park. The discussions were all very stimulating and inspiring, with my favorite being the keynote about community resilience. Perhaps the most exciting part was that the event was put on by the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, and all the speakers were people of color. I get excited to see people of color or any other struggling group coming together to address some of the issues that their communities are facing and seeking solutions that come from the ground up. It was a very inspiring event. Props to the DBCFN!

Last night our Cluster group had our fall work day over at my buddy Will's community garden. We had a much better than average turnout and a good time on a cool fall night. We helped put his garden to bed, learned how to build compost bins out of pallets, make lasagna beds, and plant garlic. We also received our garlic from the GRP, which we will be planting next week.

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