Thursday, December 10, 2009

New book...

I ordered this a couple weeks ago from the Cathedral Bookstore (I'm trying not to use amazon for brand new books anymore), and it finally came. I started reading it the other night and I really dig it so far. She has a section at the end on the urban agriculture movement here in Detroit, which is pretty sweet. She's trying to fuse the agrarian writers (prophets) of the Hebrew scriptures with the contemporary writers, namely Wendell Berry. I've just begun, but so far I really like her perspective, and I'm excited to see where she takes it. I read ahead a little and she actually addresses the anti-city narrative of the Hebrew bible, including Ellul's Meaning of the City, and she neither embraces or fully denies the validity of this view and is more interested in engaging the reality of what is rather than what should be. I'm excited to read it. I'll have a review in the next Still Small Voice zine.


kramertribe said...

that looks like a sweet book brother. it would be great to talk and catch up sometime soon. do you have a phone these days? if not, i will write you a letter...what is your address. we will have to remind lindsey of that zine for us. i really appreciate you and your hunger for the kingdom. keep seeking water in these barren desert. Peace be with you.

Poetree said...

oh yeah. i cannot remember if i told you about this blog or not. i have a poetry blog. i recently posted an entry you may have interest in. i love you brother.

tim aka poetree