Thursday, May 6, 2010


SO I think I've officially sold out. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, but it is what it is. I've decided not to do any more zines for the time being, but instead write this blog. Way too much time, money, and thought went into doing the zines. I know a few people did really like it, but most people never really shared if they liked it and the ones. Instead of using money to cut down trees to print my words, I'm going to use that money to buy fruit and nut trees. If people would like to read my words, they'll be here.

Aside from selling out to cyberspace, I've also recently become a home owner and I'm working on buying the lots around my house. While most of me believes that land should not be a commodity that can be owned, the reality is that if I want to work on land in a permanent manner, I need to have some assurance that the city or others aren't going to come in and demolish all the time and money that has been put into the land.

I don't know how often I'm actually going to post things on here, but I'd like to document what we're doing at our house, as well as some other projects that we'll be involved in. I have some photos of the new house and the progress that we've made so far. I will try to post some up as soon as I can. We are more than half way done with removing sod and constructing the 3,000 sq/ft garden for this year. Next year we're hoping to double it so we're going to sheet mulch the rest of the area if we can gather enough materials. So far I've also got two apple trees, two pear trees, two paw paw trees, three hardy kiwi vines, an elderberry plant, two black berry plants, a fifty foot row of black raspberries planted, and the plants for a 4'X 50' bed of strawberries. I became certified in Permaculture Design a couple weeks ago and used the land around my house as my design project. With over 75 trees and shrubs, its going to be awhile before I have the funds and/or the plants to really implement the total design. I also want to make a lot of observation to see if that plan really feels appropriate and figure out what I should change. We hope to get our first vegetables in the ground next week. exciting times!

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